About the project

Project European Theatre Night is a one-day event dedicated to theatre and performing art. It is held simultaneously in 11 European countries (Croatia, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia, Austria and Hungary, and this year also joined Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Belgium), every year on the third Saturday in November. Theatre that day becomes the main point of meetings, dialogue, socializing and new insights of artists, theater professionals and also audience.

On that day of open doors, theatres and theatre companies offer their productions free of charge, in order to deepen the bond that already exists between them and their audience.

Along with offer of repertory performances, the mission of the European Theatre Night is to provide international guest performances as well as organize the exchange of performances between local and international participants. The audience is given the opportunity to meet the artists through round tables and open after show talks, live or via internet. All of that serves the purpose of creating new kind of togetherness between the audience and the artists.



Mission of the European Theatre Night is to promote professional and amateur theatrical creativity through cooperation and the exchange of finished productions, but also by creating new co-productions, to create open theatre networks that are available to all employees in culture and to continuously nurture existing theater audience, but also to create new one.



Vision of the European Theatre Night is to become recognizable and successful event throughout Europe, which conducts theatrical performing arts where there are no linguistic, religious, ethnic or geographic barriers for the creation and implementation of a quality theatre art.

The word od Eleonora Rossi – initiator of the idea for Theatre Night (pdf)

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