European Theatre Night 2010

In the 2010, Theatre Night spreads outside the Croatian borders, and takes on a new name – European Theatre Night, because of the involvement of three European countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia and Montenegro.

The third Sunday in November, in about 3 o’clock in the morning the last lights in the European Theatre Night was turned off. Theater lovers finally had it their way and for one night they were connected with all theatre lovers. In addition to theatre plays, visitors enjoyed exhibitions, workshops, concerts, installations, performances, interviews with the cast, visit of wardrobes and sewing rooms…

In 25 cities in Croatia, about 50 000 visitors enjoyed 56 performances and 65 different side programs.

Coordinator of European Theatre Night in Slovakia is Theatre Institute from Bratislava, and there in 26 theaters they performed 40 theatre plays and 20 different side programs, and 10 000 people visited the event.

Coordinator in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Bosnian National Theatre from Zenica, and there in 33 theaters in 17 cities they performed 50 theatre plays and 35 different side programs, and about 15 000 people visited the event.

Although Montenegro joined later (as a pilot edition) about 1 000 visitors watched the performances in the National Theatre of Montenegro from Podgorica.

Children’s Theatre Dubrava launched a website which becomes a place of networking for all participants of the event, and which contains links to the manifestation websites of the participating countries.

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