European Theatre Night 15.11.2014.

European Theatre Night in 7 countries

In addition to Croatia, this year the European Theatre Night will be held in six countries: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Serbia.

Austria will held its Europaeische theaternacht in 21 cities, 64 theatres will open their doors in 8 municipalities and they will have 77 productions (plays, performances, workshops, etc.). More on

In Bosnia and Herzegovina Noć teatra will be held in 7 cities and 15 theaters and they will perform 16 plays and 15 side programs. More on

Bulgaria has a program Нощ на театрите in 11 cities on 57 locations. They will held 111 plays, 52 side programs, 11 exhibitions, 5 workshops and 5 theatres will open its doors. More on

In Croatia, in 43 cities on 76 locations, the audience will able to see 147 performances from 94 different institutions, theatres, associations etc. In addition to the performances there will be over 70 different side programs. More on

Czech coordinators say that their Noc divadiel will be held in 29 cities and 120 theatres, of witch 57 theatres are in Prague. More on

Noc divadiel in Slovakia will be held in 18 cities with 49 programs. More on

Serbia will held their Noć pozorišta in 24 cities and municipalities in 40 cultural institutions. They will have 50 performances and 20 side programs. More on

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