European Theatre Night 2011 has finished

Dubrava Children’s Theatre, which is operating within The Public University Dubrava as the organizer and general coordinator for Croatia and Europe the third year in a row, organized The Theatre Night.

In Croatia on the invitation, which was sent to all national and public urban theatres, theatre’s associations and ensembles, organizations and cultural centers that care about the Performing Arts, responded 70 theatres and cultural institution from 27 towns which are enrolled in the register of Croatian’s theatres at Croatian Ministry of Culture. It was held 119 theatre performances and 40 supporting programs which was visited by 40 000 people. The manifestation had international character that was expanded apart from Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro to Austria, Serbia and Slovenia what justified estimated name of European Theatre Night.

The coordination for manifestation this year, like the previous one, for the Republic of Slovakia took Theatre Institute (Divadelný ústav) from Bratislava that brought together 28 theatres and cultural institutions from 9 Slovak towns ( There were played 58 performances which were seen by 10 000 people.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina the general coordinator for manifestation (this and previous year) was the Bosnian National Theatre from Zenica, which brought together 36 theatres fro 18 towns (, there were played 42 performances and 21 supporting programs which were seen by 10 000 visitors.

For the first time this year IG Kultur Österreich and IG Freie Theaterarbeit took coordination in Austria. They founded the association Europäische Theaternacht which organized the Theatre Night in 6 cities and 32 theatres where were played 35 performances and 12 supporting programs, and 5 500 people went thru theatres (

Also, the Republic of Slovenia was the part of the European Theatre Night for the first time and coordination was under Gledališče Glej. 1 600 people watched 13 performances and 5 supporting programs in 7 towns and 17 theatre and cultural institutions (

In Montenegro coordination was done by Crnogorsko narodno pozorište from Podgorica, like the previous year. In 6 towns and 7 theatres and cultural institutions was held 10 performances and 5 supporting programs which were seen by 2 000 people.

The Republic of Serbia participated in the European Theatre Night for the first time under coordination of Network Media that was founded by association of Theatre Night. In Serbia the Theatre Night was held in 20 towns in 21 theatres and 30 amateur and alternative hulls in 50 museum galleries and libraries and in 50 clubs was held Ball under masks.

Visitors could find all the information on web sites: and

The entire visual identity of the manifestation was taken by: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Austria, Serbia and Montenegro.

During November web site has been visited by 24 877 people and 70 275 pages has been opened. In the same period web site has been visited by 1 352 visitors and 2 594 pages has been opened.


Next Theatre Night is planned for the 17th of November, 2012. 



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