Initiative from Serbia

Dear friends Kraljevo theater and our dear audience, because of the situation and the severe earthquake in our theaters will not work until further notice. Unplanned and unwanted, severe damage to the building we were forced to the safety of the audience and the general security break our mainwork. We invite all people of good will and all the friends of culturethat can help us how to:

Kraljevo theater
36000 Kraljevo
Toplice Milana  No 1

RSD account  840-705668 – 52
payment issue HELP FOR REHABILITATION OF THEATREBANK ACCOUNT01-504100-100146678-000000-0000-Foreign Currency Accountof the Republic of Serbia-RS-Kraljevo theater-donation frominostranstvaIBAN No. RS35908504100014667848Potre bnoobavestiiti the donors to execute the payment in Euros to the account number with the National Bank 01-504100-100146678-000000-0000 Serbia, Kralja Petra No. 12, Belgrade, Republic Serbia SWIFT CODE NBSRRSBGXXX by DEUTSCHE BANKAG, F/M/DEUTDEFF/ACC.NO.100 0000NALOG 9,359,308 Payable in USD

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