Photo Contest 2012

As part of the project Photography Month, photo contest will be held at the international level. Theme of the contest is, as usual, the European Theatre Night manifestation organized by Children’s Theatre Dubrava, which will be held on November 17th, 2012.

This year, you are not only limited with the theme but also with days. Theme of the contest is side events of the European Theatre Night. So, you only have one day, November 17th, where you can take pictures of side events that theatres and other institutions involved in the event have prepared for you.
Side events can be found on the official website of the European Theatre Night: or on the printed flyer/program of the event.

Be creative, witty, innovative and free in the expression of this quite a limited theme.

In the contest can participate photographers from Croatia and countries involve in the event, amateurs and professionals.

Each participant may submit up to three photographs no larger than 800x600px, 72dpi, which must be in jpg format. Photographs can be taken with a cell phone, photo camera or web camera. The contest is open from early morning hours on November 17th when the first programs start, and runs until 12 pm (noon) on Sunday, November 18th. Deadline for submission of photographs is 12 pm (noon) on Monday, November 19th, when the jury will choose the best photographs. All photographs received after the deadline, as well as the photographs with a watermark or signature will not be considered.

The photographs can be sent to the e-mail address:

Subject must contain the following information: For Photo Contest of the European Theatre Night / the author’s name and surname, and the photograph title must contain competitor’s name and surname and number, if there is more than one.

The winner will be announced, by the decision of the five-member jury, on Monday, November 19th, at no later than 8 pm and will be posted on the websites:

The winner will win a cash prize in the amount of HRK 1.000 and Voucher in the amount of HRK 1.000 for enrollment in an education program Specialist for Digital Photography and Editing at Algebra, T-shirt of Fotogard Association and promo materials of the European Theatre Night.
Runner-up and third place winner by the decision of the jury will win a set of books Photographing and Photo Editing, T-shirt of Fotogard Association and promo materials of the European Theatre Night.

Members of the jury:

Denis Marohnić, art historian and curator
Mare Milin, photographer
Krešimir Pletikosa, President of Photographic Association Fotogard, master photographer
Leo Vukelić, artist, Head of the Children’s Theatre Dubrava
Luka Vucić, graphic designer

Note: Please note that the theater shows, usually, should not be photographed unless you have permission of the theatrical institution.

For additional information about the project you can contact the
People’s University Dubrava, Cerska 1, Zagreb

contact persons:
Maja Marohnić, Head of the Event and Project Centre
+385 1 2050 045, +385 99 045 2050
Denis Marohnić, art historian
People’s University Dubrava Associate
+385 91 2543 541


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