Results of the photographic competition Theatre night

Results of the photographic competition Theatre night, Month of photography, contest lasted from 9th till  20th november 2011.

Cultural centre  Dubrava second year in a row successfully hosted the project Month of Photography, which lasted throughout the month of november and includes a number of forums and photo workshops, photo exhibitions and fair od fotoequipment and photography.

During this project we organized a foto competition named Theatre night that lasted from 9th till 20th november and brought together 45 participants from different countries.

Five-member committee has decided that this year’s winning photo contests Theatre Night  belongs to the author Julien Duval. It is interesting that all the committee members, the maximum amount of points, assigned to the same author but different photos, so we can boast Julien Duval as a complete and very good photographer. Equal praise, with some minor points, go to the authors Christoph Ullman, Sonya Lukas and Martina  Mijić.

Also, we thank all the applicants and hope to see you again at Month of photography!

winner – author Julien Duval


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