Serbia 2012

This Saturday, on the 17th of November 2012, the cultural manifestation Theatre Night will be held for the second time in the Republic of Serbia as part of the International project European Theatre Night with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media, local governments and cultural institutions from 15 cities and municipalities: Vranje, Pirot, Novi Pazar, Kragujevac, Aranđelovac, Lazarevac, Zaječar, Šabac, Vršac, Sremska Mitrovica, Ruma, Novi Sad, Kikinda, Subotica and Apatin.
In spite of to the election year in Serbia and the deteriorating economic situation, cultural institutions in Serbia recognized the importance of participating in the manifestation and in accordance with their capabilities and recourses prepared a rich program for their fellow citizens. In 46 cultural institutions in the cities and municipalities mentioned above, participants of the manifestation (theaters, cultural centers, student cultural centers, museums, libraries, archives, galleries, clubs, etc..), will be held over 60 performances and 30 follow-up programs (performances, music events, museum settings, workshops, exhibitions, etc..), and as an innovation in this year, the practice and promotion of primary school drama societies will be begun and of which the best performances will be played in “Theatre Night” in Serbia.

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