Slovenia has joined the project “European Theatre Night” in 2011 when Glej Theatre took over coordination. Participating 15 cultural producers (organisations, institutions, associations, etc.) organised 15 different events attented by more than 1.400 people.

The second year of the project Glej Theatre published an early open-call for Slovene theatres, associations and public institutions and received 35 positive replies/confirmations (30 participating and 5 supporting organisations in the field of culture). Press conference was held on November 13, 2012 with representatives of 15 different organisations. In 2012, Slovenia’s theatres will open doors to audience in 11 different cities where 37 events will take place.

In year 2013 six different cities will host 24 different events, organised by 20 cultural institutions and associations with support of 4 organisations.

More information is available at the project’s web page and Facebook.



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