The invitation letter


Manifestation European Theatre Night will this year be held on November 16th.

European Theatre Night was initiated by Eleonora Rossi and Children’s Theatre Dubrava from Zagreb, which is also the coordinator of the event for Croatia.

The European Theatre Night is an annual one-day event dedicated to performance art in general, with an emphasis on drama theatre. It takes place every year on the third Saturday in November.

On that day of open doors theatres and theatre companies offer their productions free of charge, in order to deepen the bond already existing between them and their audience. Along with offer of repertory performances, the mission of the European Theatre Night is to provide international guest performances as well as organize the exchange of performances between local and international participants. The audience is given the opportunity to meet the artists through round tables and open after show talks, live or via the internet. All of that serve the purpose of creating new kind of togetherness between the audience and the artists.

In the 2012 in European Theatre Night participated 230 theatres in 87 cities with performances that watched around 100.000 people.

Since the Croatian Ministry of Culture supported it in 2009, the European Theatre Night grew into an event important on the national scale, with almost all of the relevant Croatian theatres and theatre companies taking part in it. Also, the manifestation has expanded to the neighboring countries as well as to the counties of the European Union.

Our network of theaters is comprised of the following countries alongside their coordinators:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina / Bosnian National Theater, Zenica /
  • Slovakia / Theatre Institute, Bratislava /
  • Montenegro / Montenegrin National Theatre, Podgorica /
  • Slovenia / Glej Theater, Ljubljana /
  • Serbia / Network media, Beograd /
  • Austria / IG Kultur i IG Freie Theaterarbeit, Vienna /,
  • Hungary / Assitej Hungarian Centre, Budapest /
  • Czech Republic / Arts and Theatre Institute, Prague /
  • Bulgaria / Theatres Night, Sofia /
  • Belgium / La Vénerie Asbl, Centre Culturel De Watermael-Boitsfort, Bruxelles /

We would like to invite you and your organization to visit European Theatre Night and join the manifestation as part of the audience and also as partners.

If you and your theatre or theatre company wishes to join in on this initiative, either with performance or by becoming a coordinator of the project for your country, please contact our office.

Sincerely yours,

Office of European Theatre Night
Cerska 1
10 040 Zagreb

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